You Have To Be Here, And You Have To Do What We Say

Including dressing according to our rules.

Dress codes are understandable – at a place that is voluntary to attend. School is not a business, it’s a public meeting place. It should have the same dress codes as any other public meeting place. The teachers who choose to work there should definitely have a dress code. The kids, no.
I can think of only one other place where the residents have no choice but to be there, and they have to dress differently than anywhere else – according to rules set out by the powers that be. I bet you know what I’m talking about. It ain’t pretty.

Now, what about charter schools? There’s an interesting situation. I’d say charter schools have the same right as private schools to enforce a dress code. But I bet you, in the charter schools that have dress codes, they don’t suspend their kids. They just ask them to go home and change, and to remember that they chose to be there, so they have to abide by their rules if they wanna be there.

What motivation do kids in public school have to dress to code? Fear and the avoidance of punishment. Is that what we want to teach our kids? To do things so they won’t be punished?


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