Stay Home and Read. Don’t Go To School.

According to this article, it’s better to stay home and read than to go to school. You’ll learn more that way.

Here’s another idea – give kids lots of time to read at school. The kid quoted at the end of the article has a point – kids need to be able to play. The reason why kids don’t want to read is because it’s not fun for them. It’s been made not fun. Making them read by not allowing them to come back to school does NOT teach kids the importance of reading. It teaches that reading is painful, boring and for someone else. It also teaches kids that they can do just fine by not being in school. And lastly, it teaches kids to not like school, because it’s a power wrench, not a place of learning. (Note: Places of learning have information and give kids what they need when they need it for their abilities and interests. Places of learning are not defined by kids living up to someone else’s expectations, be them intellectual, physical or moral. Those are indoctrination centers.)

Suspend your kids for not doing school-defined work in the summer, and you take one more step of making kids hate school. You also make kids hate reading. And hate homework. And hate authority. And if the parents put their power in there too, what does that teach kids about parents? About the world? The world isn’t like this. Well, a few places in the world are. But for the vast majority of adults in the industrialized world, who are free, life is not like this. Why does it have to be for our children?


3 Responses to “Stay Home and Read. Don’t Go To School.”

  1. Jennifer Armstrong Says:

    Yes, more reading! Lots and lots of reading! I wish you great success with your school at home endeavors.

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer Armstrong

  2. Amanda Says:

    Oh, I so wanted to do that as a kid! I was the student who always brought novels to school and read under my desk whenever I could get away with it. The required reading and essay writing of high school English classes KILLED my love of fiction, however. I read more fiction books in one summer between elementary grades than I’ve read since I graduated high school 13 years ago. Sad, but true.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Okay, now that I’ve actually read the article… what a bizarre way to get kids interested in reading. You mean, if I don’t do my reading I don’t have to go to school?? Cool!! So, like, are you going to check on me and make sure I’m not reading at all, or can I read non-assigned material and still get out of going to school?

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