An Unschooling Society?

Would it be possible to have a modern society without school? With so many people that we have in our country, and others, who depend on large scale organizations and services in order to function, would it be possible for the majority of the population to learn without being shuffled through a system, and deciding for themselves when, how and what they learn?

What would be required in our society in order for a pick-and-choose educational system to work? A system where people are told from the moment that they are born where all the information is, and how to find teachers, and it’s up to them to go and learn the information necessary in order to work and thrive in our world? Would it be possible to have a large scale system in place that would allow everyone to have an education without telling them what that education is going to be exactly?

Or, would our society crumble without a system in place to train the huge number of people that we need to work at jobs that keep the systems we depend on running? If everyone had control of their learning from the beginning, and were not only given lip service that they could be what they want to, but actually allowed, from day one, to be what they want to – would enough people choose to be garbage collectors, or factory workers, or middle managers, or McDonald’s drive-up servers to keep things running?

In other words, if what we taught the masses of children that they really have the responsibility and ownership of their own lives, and the choices they make on what to learn and how much to learn will determine where they are, and where they are going – and that nobody is going to beg, coerce or otherwise try to make them learn – what would our society look like?

Sure, there would be mass hysteria if it happened overnight, since essentially, everyone would go into college-mode all at once. But, after everyone got it out of their system, and they realized that, wait, really, it would be up to them to forge their own path, and it would be up to everyone to take care of their own success – what would it be like?

I know it’s impossible to know for sure. But speculation is fun.

2 Responses to “An Unschooling Society?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Interesting concept….

  2. Laura in CA :) Says:

    I have a hard time wrapping my brain around this idea!! As I start to ponder it, my brain gets filled with the impossibility of it and I have to start over!! 🙂

    It would be nice if we _could_ start all over again and make learning something that is up to the individual.

    I fear that human nature being what it is, even if we had started out that way, by now it would have been boxed up and structured into something like we have today.

    See what happens in my mind??? lol!!

    It would be interesting to see what our country would be like today if we let education be the responsibility of the learner…..I think we would be more technologically advanced…medically, too. Imagine the inventions if people didn’t have to wait until they were all grown up to start researching and focusing on their ideas of “what if..”!!!

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