HSC Conference: Day 3

Yesterday was another busy day at the conference, which began with a swim in the pool with the kids.

After spending some time with them, I dropped the kds off with hubby back in the room, so I could get to my first session of the day: Dealing With Criticism. That went well, and I learned from the audience (yet again) about the various kinds of criticisms out there, and that there is no one answer on how to handle them.

During lunch, I found an awesome wall map of the history of the world. I’ll link to it in another post, since right now I’m in the pitch dark hotel room while everyone else is asleep, and I can’t see the website name on the poster.

My second session was a last-minute reschedule. Michelle Barone (who helps me run our local info night) and I did a talk about Taking School Out of Preschool. It was a good session too, where I got to know a few people, and I had a very nice conversation afterwards with one woman about relationships and how that effects our homeschooling approaches. Very insightful indeed!

I met hubby and the kids at a dance workshop a little later. Then, after having a nice dinner with our uncle and aunt at the Old Spagetti Factory, we took a few minutes to run to the pool before bed.

Still, after all I did, I find the best part of the whole conference is talking to people. That’s it. If that’s all I did all day was go around talking to people, it would be dandy. Because people are what make these conferences great.


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