I’m leaving for the Homeschool Association of California conference tomorrow. I’ll be speaking three times, and I have one scheduled volunteer shift. My other duties as a volunteer for the organization will demand much of my “free” time at the conference as well.

It will be a tiring weekend, but a rich experience that will be worth every ounce of social and business juice I can muster up. Not only do I get to chit-chat with the many people I work with online during the year, I get to match faces to all stories that I print in the magazine and read on the e-list.

It’s funny that even though I’m one of the speakers, I come out of these sessions having learned more from the audience than I had to speak about. For weeks after conferences like this, I roll ideas around in my cranium that stem from comments I heard during a talk I gave, or a question I didn’t feel I gave a good enough answer to.

Also, my absolute favorite part of the talks I give are the Q&A sessions, and the post-talk social scene. Usually, the person who presents after me has to kick us to the hallway because we linger so long after the session talking about the ideas born during the prevoius hour.

I’m not sure if we get wireless at this hotel. If we don’t, I’ll be back Tuesday with lots of new ideas and stories. If I have wireless, I might be able to pop on and give you all the conference low-down.


One Response to “Conferences”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    oooh! Our conference is only a little over a week away! I can’t wait!! What are you presenting on? I’m doing a Beginning Homeschool session and a “Won’t Your Kids Grow Up Stupid” panal. :o)

    Have fun and enjoy!

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