Making Things Easier

If there were one thing in your life that you could change to make your life easier, what would it be? What if there were no social rules or pressures or expectations, what would you change to bring peace into your daily space? Or, are the social rules, pressures and expections the things that you’d change?

There are many outside forces that can make homeschooling a challenge: critical relatives, social pressures, strict state requirements, personality differences and disabilities are some. But there are also challenges that we create for ourselves. What expectations do we have of ourselves and our kids, that we choose to have, that make our lives difficult? If we can identify them, we are one step closer to finding a path to peace.


One Response to “Making Things Easier”

  1. Mom of All Seasons Says:

    My initial knee-jerk reaction was 1) to eliminate the critical/snide comments and reactions from others and 2) to have The Boy more similar to me in learning style so that it would be easier on me.

    But then I realized that my need to be ready for the inevitable comments keeps me always thinking about why we homeschool/unschool and noticing how much The Boy does learn day to day. And that helped me to realized that I more closely watch to see that The Boy is really understanding what I’m trying to say/explain because he doesn’t process like I do. I also realized that he helps me to see things that I would normally miss precisely because he does sees the world and experience the world different than I do.

    So, I guess I have to give you a bit of a non-answer here…

    himwork harder at finding innovative ways to It also makes me aware of whe

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