Education is Political

Stephanie at Throwing Marshmallows has an insightful post about the politicking of public education. She points out that at its core, the curriculum taught in public school has little to do with the actual children who are learning from it. Special interest groups, political opinions and current social trends dictate what to put in the Standards of Learning.

The more diverse our culture becomes, and the more extreme the viewpoints are that dominate politics, the harder it will be to come up with an appropriate public curriculum. It will get to the point that nobody will be happy with the schools, except for those that have control over the process of deciding content. And even then, everyone will be peeved that they had to compromise to get a little bit of what they wanted.

Is there a solution? Perhaps the only solution is to completely dismantle the current public education model and re-work it from the ground up. But if there’s such a diversity of opinion about what should even be taught in school, how are we ever going to come up with a school model that most everyone will happy with?


One Response to “Education is Political”

  1. Laura in CA :) Says:

    I couldn’t agree more…the schools are _not_ considering the children when they put together our educationals system. It actually seems created to make the job of the teacher easier.

    I recently read of a concept I wanted to share with you. I ended up at the website of a school in England. (I know, too much time on computer!!:)) Anyway, what really intrigued me was a concept that seems like it would be an easy thing to incorporate in our schools right now.

    What they do is have an advisor for students starting in their first year of school. So for elementary school..all the way through…each student would have a constant someone in the school that is aware of their performance and knows them on a year-to-year basis.

    It is the continuity each student would have with an adult at school through the years that, I think, would benefit all the students…sort of an encourager, advisor, cheerleader, etc.

    I’ve often thought that the different teachers each year doesn’t give anyone at the school a clear picture of any individual student. This is assuming someone at the school would care to know!

    Let’s face it, parents are not really seen as part of the educational process within the school walls. From what I hear they are more of a bother to teachers and admin.

    The only drawback I can foresee is that the advisor would end up being more of a school advocate rather than a student advocate if there were any problems.

    But, for the majority I could see this as a benefit to the public school process. Thinking back to my own education I can see where it could have been beneficial, especially if the person would have seemed to be on my side and not the school or my parents….they coulda been, but I wouldn’t have wanted to know!! 🙂

    Apologies for any incoherency….long day!! 🙂

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